Ana Bisciello

Hey, What's On Tap?

Ana Bisciello
Hey, What's On Tap?

Let’s be real, there are two things that everyone wants at the end of a long day: sex or beer - but with whom and where?

To keep this censored, I'll just focus on the beer aspect of the self-satisfying portion of someone's day. But seriously, where can you get some good beer? Just download Untappd and you're one Uber ride away.


Untappd is a mobile app that all beer enthusiasts should download. With this app, you can discover new types of beers and where your favorite beer is near you. Just like any other social network, you can follow friends or join groups to share where the best beers, breweries and venues are. If you’re in the mood for a particular beer, like Blue Moon, the app will generate all the different types of beer Blue Moon offers as well as where you can find the drink at a local bar, restaurant or brewery. Keep track of all the beers you like and unlock unique achievement badges – sounds pretty cool!


Looking at this from a marketing perspective, this is an opportunity for all beer companies and breweries to get in front of their audience with in-app ads and a listing of their beers on this app. If featured on this app, companies like Blue Moon, can direct both their prospective and current customers to download Untappd on their own social networks to find out where they can drink their beer. Likewise, companies can push users back to their site or social networks with in-app advertising by using native banner ads. This will allow for users to learn more about the company, their heritage and what other organizations they partner with. To accompany this, Untappd offers beer companies and breweries to post any type of events they will be hosting. You’re able to see what events and venues are near you for a good brewski and a good time ;).  The biggest challenge for any company is to make a materialistic purchase an experience, but this app helps bridge that gap between the offline experience and the online experience.


Additionally, working in collaboration with Untappd is a win-win opportunity for both the beer company and the app – building awareness and interest around the app and the beer company. Untappd actually has a secondary app, Untappd for Business, which allows businesses to maximize visibility by instantly sharing their beer menus to customers. Untappd for Business also offers insights into businesses number of subscribers, traffic to their pages and social interactions.

Regarding the navigation and aesthetic feel of the app, it’s simple and not convoluted or glamorized - no one wants to make drinking beer complicated. The overall design could be redefined to be bolder and modernized, but hey that’s just me. However, there are some flaws in the actual design, with one of them being disappearing icons on the bottom navigation pane. Typically with a top or bottom navigation bar, there are different icons with symbols indicating what they mean. But with Untappd, the icons are blank boxes that only appear with icons when you click on a box - weird. 

Despite the flawed design, if you're looking to venture into new beers and new atmospheres, I think that Untappd is the app for you. Let me know what cool beers or venues you discover, I'm always up for trying something new!

Bottoms up, friends!