Ana Bisciello

Who Brews The Best Experience?

Ana Bisciello
Who Brews The Best Experience?

Let's get ready to ruummbleee...

....or potentially stumble with two of the most well-known beer companies on the market. There's certainly a tough match under way, fighting to provide the best user experience across multiple platforms. Let's bring out the competitors.

In one corner, weighing 12 fluid ounces with 4.2% ABV and 96 calories...Miller Lite! In the other corner, also weighing 12 fluid ounces with 5.4% ABV and 171 calories...Blue Moon!

Wow, what a match up. Just by comparing each of their stats, Blue Moon can be personified as Dwayne The Rock Johnson: large, sturdy and delicious, whereas Miller Lite can be personified as Conor McGregor: small, tough and unconventional. However, every great player studies their competition to exploit their weakness to leverage their own strengths. So who does it best?

Blue Moon

Navigating through Blue Moon's and Miller Lite's websites across different platforms (desktop, tablet and mobile), the user experience was relatively consistent but unique. Blue Moon's webpage design is vintage, simple but detailed for any user to learn more about their heritage, the beers they brew, recipes or where you can find one of their products. The in-depth detail behind their history and the various types of beer is truly fascinating. There is a story behind every beer and suggestions on further entertaining your taste buds by pairing the drink with the perfect meal. The promotion of their heritage is intriguing in such a way that it would want to make a new user interested to learn more, whether that means spending more time on the site or even purchasing merchandise. This well executed, integrated experience is what makes a consumer go from saying “I want to learn more” to “I want to drink more.”


With all of this being said, Blue Moon's vintage feel may seem outdated and not attractive to a new user in comparison to Miller Lite.  If their webpage design was as engaging as their content, that would have been The Rock’s hook to defeat McGregor in all aspects of the business. Jab, jab, right hook, jab.

Miller Lite

On the other side of the ring, Miller Lite's webpage design is more modern, bold but simple enough for a new user to navigate freely without getting confused. The company took a minimalist approach to creating content, as they provide clear-cut copy to what they offer, how they are socially responsible and how you can connect with them on social media. While this makes for a simplistic experience, the modernized-language that they use may not be comprehensible to a new user. For example, "Grill Original and Doing Good" would not translate to recipes and sustainability for a new user. Additionally, because of the lack of content, the time spent of the site will be minimal compared to the time spent on Blue Moon's site. 


McGregor came off tough in the first few of rounds of the match, but lost his momentum to finish the fight. Miller Lite’s website across desktop, tablet and mobile faced some image resizing and site speed issues. In both a tablet and mobile setting, the home screen display did not appropriately fit inside the frame of those screens. It is important to optimize images and website displays to accurately fit within different display screens for a better user-friendly experience.  In addition to that, the site speed across all platforms was slow in comparison to Blue Moon's site speed. Since Miller Lite webpage design is primarily focused around big images, this contributes to the lag in page load time. McGregor goes to dodge but lands in The Rock’s hook - can he get back up or is it a knock out? 

Who wins in the final round? 

Both competitors did a good job in showing their own strengths as well as exploiting each other weaknesses in the ring. They can learn a thing or two from one another - Blue Moon can adapt to a more modern design and Miller Lite can improve upon their length of content. If I had to declare a winner, I believe that Blue Moon would take home the belt, due to their clear and concise presentation of their product offering and heritage. Now, I can smell what The Rock is cookin'...and I’ll drink my Blue Moon with it ;)